If any Missoula restaurant had run a promotion like this on Saturday, they would have been in a similar predicament.

But the Montana Grizzly football team's 67-7 drubbing of Mississippi Valley State on Saturday seems tiny compared to what Michigan did to Rutgers, and a swanky steakhouse was on the hook for some major discounts.

Ruth's Chris Steak House in Ann Arbor, Michigan, runs a promotion where customers get a percentage off equal to the final point difference in the latest Saturday Michigan Wolverine football game through the following Thursday. So, the Wolverines annihilate Rutgers 78-0! But of course, there's that disclaimer: "Up to 50% off." Still, even in a pricey place like Ruth's Chris, that's a pretty dang good deal.

We assume Michigan knew they didn't have to tack on the extra 28 points just so their fans could get an even better bargain.    DB