Now that February's record snows are melting fast, the time to purchase flood insurance is now.

The office of Montana Insurance Commissioner Monica Lindeen encourages anyone who may be in danger of high water to purchase flood insurance right away. Spokeswoman Jennifer McKee said on Thursday, March 6, that traditional homeowners policies do not cover flooding.

"We thought it was important for people to know that most traditional homeowners policies do not cover damages caused by flooding," McKee said. "If folks are concerned about flooding, they'll need to purchase a supplemental policy, and those won't usually go into effect for 30 days. There may be some flooding now, but the bulk of the snowpack is still in the mountains, so there's still time to purchase that insurance."

McKee said homeowners cannot purchase flood insurance from their home insurance carrier.

"Flood insurance is sold by the federal government through the National Flood Insurance Program," McKee said. "The best way to get it is to go through an enrolled agent in your town, and there's a long list on our website, and that's the best way to buy flood insurance for your property."

State Insurance Commissioner Spokeswoman Jennifer McKee