The Incident Commander, Tom Heintz, has conferred with Ravalli County Law Enforcement and Fire Officials and recommended the initiation of Stage 1 Evacuation Notice.  The Notice is being delivered for the entire area described as follows: All residential and commercial properties West of Westside Road;  South of Paradise Trail and Blodgett Camp Road; and North of North Gold Creek Loop.

Local Law Enforcement, Fire, and Emergency Management officials are in the process of alerting the residents within that area and the public in general.


Stage 1 Evacuation notice is the Alert and Warning notice.  It means there is a high probability of the need to evacuate.  Law enforcement personnel/representatives will attempt to make personal visits to each residence and business in the threatened area.  Residents are responsible to make arrangements to move property and livestock.  Some residents, primarily those with special health needs or other concerns, should relocate during this stage of evacuation.

Observations that were made on the fire area a short time ago indicated sustained winds of 30 mph with gusts to 50 mph over the top of the ridge this fire is on.  Winds have pushed the fire in an easterly and southerly direction near the bottom of Sawtooth Canyon.  It is likely to have spotted over the top into Canyon Creek as well.

Special Concerns:  New fire starts! Attention: Stage 1 Fire Restrictions remain in effect for this area. Information on fire restrictions can be found at

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Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman