Have you seen any plumes of smoke on the horizon? Wispy white smoke drifting on the breeze. Spring burning season is here. The more practiced burners have cleaned up slash piles and cleared out undergrowth for wildlife.

Now it’s time for the small time and amateur burners to try their hand at it. That’s right, the situation is ripe for the seasonal ritual of burning something unintentionally. Sometimes it’s an inconsequential object like a fence post, or a small woodpile and graduating up from there to a shed or a wall of a building. I’ve personally cleared about an acre of dry creek bed. Luckily the volunteer fire department I was a member of arrived in time to save the tractor. I was red-faced and not from fighting the flames.

Craig and I make light of it, frankly sometimes it is humorous. But it can become serious very fast. If you plan on burning anything this Spring talk with your local fire department, they’re very helpful and might even offer to help if they can use it as a training session. At the very least they’ll know how to get to your place if you need to call them.