Odds are, your mom wants one thing for you more than anything else … She wants you to find a “nice girl.” Unfortunately, not all girls are nice. Here are some signs that your wife or girlfriend is a mean girl:

• She doesn't have many friends – If your wife or girlfriend has trouble with friendships, she probably will have trouble with romantic relationships.

• She's rude to wait staff – If the woman you’re with is too demanding of servers at restaurants or doesn’t treat cashiers with respect, she’s wired in a bad way.

• She constantly complains about others – Everybody gets aggravated at times, but if all your wife or girlfriend does is complain about other people, it says a lot about how she views the world.

• She doesn't get along with your mom – The one person on the planet your wife or girlfriend should get along with is your mom. If she can't get along with the other most important woman in your life, you've got a long road ahead. (MensHealth)