What's going on?

Support Missoula Dragon Boat Team
Missoula now has their first ever Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Team and they are putting together a fundraiser and want to invite you.
KFC Cocktails
KFC is urging customers to try the drinks at home because they don't serve booze.
Cowboy Ball in Hamilton
Russ Nasset and the Revelators will be playing the music with lots of food and beverages available for purchase.
Men's Workshop in Missoula
As promised on the event page this isn't a sales pitch, just helping men to act more like men.
Billy & Coach with the Belt!
While I don't think Bobby is going to be calling me anytime soon for anything related to football, it was great to see all the guys in my fantasy football league jealous of the photo!
Winter Driving Tips and Tricks to Remember
A friendly reminder is always OK in my book when it comes to winter driving. As we are just beginning the start of the snowy winter, here are some things to keep in mind.
Headwaters Country Jam 2018 Double-play
This is your chance to win tickets for Headwaters Country Jam 2018! Be listening to 94.9 KYSS FM and you will hear info, hints and don't forget to download the app to increase your chances to win.