What's going on?

Bird Keeps Flying Into My Bedroom Window
What dives me nuts is that every time the bird flies into the window our dogs run outside thinking they need to see what is going on in their backyard.
Grandma Dee Day, Remembering My Late Grandmother
She really was an amazing woman, she stepped outside of the box in the 60's and became one of the states leading independent women. She took care of me, and taught me so much. Grandma you are truly missed.
Big Sky Kartway Racing Schedule for 2018
If you haven't been to the Wild West Shootout, it is their biggest weekend of the year with more karts and more prize money up for grabs during the busy weekend.
Work at A Carousel for Missoula
They are looking for employees that can begin employment between 5/1/18 and 6/15/18, and need to be open to between 10 and 35 hours per week.
Corvallis 2018 Memorial Day Parade
While the event is looked at as a celebration, please keep in mind the day is to honor our nations hero's that gave their life fighting for the freedoms we enjoy each day.
Old Pickup Show in Florence
The whole family is encouraged to join in on the fun as spectating is free and there will be some incredible vehicles on display.
Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Missoula
I found a website that's all about listing businesses that are dog-friendly, which is amazing for someone who loves their dogs as much as I do.