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Another Nighttime Winter Hike in Western Montana
I have been into these night hikes lately. Mainly cause none of my friends are off work till 5 then it's dark out. Many times we use winter as an excuse to not be outdoors but night hiking is a lot of fun and very doable in our area.
Hiking Waterworks Hill in Missoula at Night
It is always fun to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty that is Montana. Last night my friend and I decided to go out and hike, we thought we would be the only ones crazy enough to be out in 20 degree weather and at night hiking...
Highest KYSSMAS For Kids Total EVER!
In previous years we have seen totals near $20,000 or even $25,000 on a good year, so for us to reach this total is 100% about our community making kids a priority.