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Possibly a Trophy Perch in Montana [VIDEO]
Now I am really regretting no weighing and measuring this Perch. If you watch the video you will see that there is one a lot bigger then the one you see currently. Just watch and see.
Winter Driving Tips and Tricks to Remember
A friendly reminder is always OK in my book when it comes to winter driving. As we are just beginning the start of the snowy winter, here are some things to keep in mind.
Headwaters Country Jam 2018 Double-play
This is your chance to win tickets for Headwaters Country Jam 2018! Be listening to 94.9 KYSS FM and you will hear info, hints and don't forget to download the app to increase your chances to win.
Montana Style Crafting with My Aunt in Santa Fe
It is always fun crafting but this time doing it with my aunt was the best. In New Mexico it is not always easy to find "rustic" and western looking things there but we managed!
Lolo Winterfest 2018 January 20th and 21st
I competed in the Skijoring last year and it was a lot of fun! All kinds of winter fun coming up at Lolo Winterfest. They have a two-day event but the big day is Sunday.
Our Dog Adoption Mission to New Mexico, Meet Loyal!
Not only was this trip so I could see my family around the holidays but also so my friend Steve could adopt a new dog and a new member of the fishing crew. This dog was found on the border of Mexico and brought to the states to be saved.