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Is My Teal Pumpkin Too Small ?
My thought was if parents are looking for them they will see it and it was too cute to pass up. Plus we don't have too many non-candy treats but wanted to at least offer them.
Homemade Pallet Firewood Box
I can't take credit for this and I didn't find it on pintrest. My friend last year needed something to hold his wood in and this was kind of what he came up with and I did a few make shift changes.
Best Tip While Making Spicy Food
I recently was making some spicy tacos and realized days later that I could not get the spice out from under my finger nails.
Environmental Groups Want Steelheading Closed In Idaho
At first glance I didn't know what to think about this and other folks were questioning it as well but right now not a lot is known. With the low number of steelhead returning to Idaho for the second year in a row concerns are rising.
Boo Button Pumpkin Tutorial
This is one of my favorite ways that I have decorated a pumpkin. It involves buttons and lots of them.
Slow Cooker Pumpkin Spiced Cider Recipe
It's going to start getting a lot colder overnight. Making these hot drinks will be something a lot of folks will be doing. Try this festive fall drink at home.
Fly Fishing Fun as Fall is Setting In
I like to fly fish all year but recently on a trip north was able to hit some great water while the weather is changing and the leaves are changing colors. Fall is almost officially upon us.
Someone Officially Caught a Fish While I Was Rowing
If anyone has ever been in a drift boat or raft fishing then you may understand my feeling of excitement. I love to fly fish and this was one of those "firsts" that I was glad to get off my list.
Hurt Myself With a Horrible Idea
Nothing like hurting yourself in the middle of a big event. I thought I was cool and in the end I just found out I am old.
Samsung 9 Can Create Your Own Emoji
There have been a few ways to make your own emoji but this one seems way more real and legit. The Samsung 9 has some cool features including this one.