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Hurt Myself With a Horrible Idea
Nothing like hurting yourself in the middle of a big event. I thought I was cool and in the end I just found out I am old.
Samsung 9 Can Create Your Own Emoji
There have been a few ways to make your own emoji but this one seems way more real and legit. The Samsung 9 has some cool features including this one.
Labor Day Fun Facts
With Labor day weekend here and folks enjoying some time off, here are some fun facts to enjoy during the holiday.
Who Else is Looking Forward to Fall?
I love summer don't get me wrong, I just also love fall and it will be here before we know it. There are so many things to love about the fall.
Outdoor Montana Tip: Don't Mess With Nettles
They are known as "stinging nettles" and found in many areas in North America. You can find them right in this area, but be warned as they are called stinging nettles for a reason.
Fly Fishing Adventures on Vacation
Well there were some fish on my line for vacation so things were good. Vacation didn't quite go as plan but in the end it was nice to do some fly fishing.
How to Prevent Heat Illness
This is a real issue when you are outside during the summer, especially if you are doing activities outdoors that require more out of you, you can find yourself with heat illness.