Yes, we did check the calendar before submitting another Halloween story. But it was too much of a "treat" to pass up.

It seems a father and his three-year-old daughter were stuck on a flight from Boston to San Francisco on Halloween night. So, no trick-or-treating this year, right? Well, dad had her dress up in a costume anyway (she was a doughnut) and told her to go down the aisle trick-or-treating the passengers. And she did very well. Surprising?

Prior to takeoff, her dad had handed out candy to fellow passenger with notes attached, explaining how sad his little girl was that she didn't get to have Halloween this year and would you play along when she comes down the aisle.

I kind of hope little Molly the Doughnut finds out someday what happened. But if she doesn't? Hey, the rest of us know what a great daddy she has.   DB