[/caption]There was a wild rumpus in heaven. Maurice Sendak, beloved author and illustrator of such children’s classics as ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and the controversial ‘In the Night Kitchen,’ passed away in Danbury, Conn. following complications from a recent stroke. He was 83.


Craig and I are really into going to schools and reading to kids. We’re big proponents of reading. We both read to our kids starting from early childhood. We all have our favorite authors. One of the best, Maurice Sendak, passed away recently.  He wrote some great books for kids. His most famous,”Where The Wild Things Are.” There was some controversy surrounding his illustrations in the book. Some parents felt they were “too scary.” Most kids found them funny and fascinating. A pre-school teacher put it best when she said his books allow kids to create, use their imagination, and have fun reading.

Here are several  favorites of ours that kids really seem to enjoy when we read to them.

Grump & Pout-Jamie McEwan

I Need My Monster-Amanda Noll

Ladybug Girl-Jacky Davis & David Soman