It's the time of year when your friends are talking about pumpkin spice everything while you're still kicking yourself for not going on a float once this summer. But hanging on to every last ounce of summer won't stop Halloween from coming, the Spirit costume store is even getting ready to open their doors.

If you've never been to Scarywood at Silverwood it's downright frightening. If you think you're taking the kids to this, you may reconsider. I know adults who have gone in, given up and ran out. It's scary.

The month long event was even featured on the Travel Channel's "Halloween's Scariest Thrills." Scarywood is full of haunted attractions, roaming monsters, 5 haunted attractions, 7 scare zones and most of Silverwood's signature rides in the dark.

Scarywood is open Thursday through Saturday nights in October starting September 30th and October 1st.Tickets are $26 for Thursdays, $33 Fridays and $40 on Saturdays in October.

If you think Timber Terror is scary in the middle of summer, wait until you're riding it in the dark...BACKWARDS.