There are lots of spooky place around Missoula this time of year. There is the legend of the man with a hook up Pattee Canyon, the haunted house in the university area or the haunted green house by Mclays bridge. If you are looking for spooky, you can find it. Here are a few to get you in the Halloween mood.

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    Missoula Cemetery (also known as the North side Cemetery)

    The second oldest cemetery in Missoula created in 1884 holds the bodies of some of the first settlers of Missoula. This graveyard was created out of necessity due to the harsh life of the west in the 19th century.  There is said to be over a 100 unmarked graves of Japanese railroad workers with unwritten epitaphs over their graves.  A walk to remember…of the most spine chilling kind.

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    Pattee Canyon

    Some longtime residents of Missoula will quietly remember the stories told about Pattee Canyon. Ritualistic tales of satanic worships and other strange happenings circulated around in the late 70’s. Although little proof exists of these events, somehow driving up the canyon late at night gets really creepy in some spots. Think “Blair Witch of Missoula”.

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    The University of Montana

    Not only students are going to lecture at the University of Montana…ghostly spirits seem to love to take part in education as well. Jeanette Rankin Hall is reported to have spirits looming around the building. But this is not the only haunt in this college. Joining the ranks of strange places is also Brantley Hall and the Main Hall boasting of people hearing blood curdling screams and seeing a girl wandering around the long halls. Even University Theatre has its own special variety of ghost prowling the premises…a dog.

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    Daly Mansion

    Paranormal occurrences from this haunted home live on in many believers minds. Some people who have visited this infamous Missoula home are convinced they received a ‘touch’ from Mrs. Daly herself, or a bone-chilling cold takes over around them. This haunt attracts many paranormal investigators looking to connect with the ‘other side’.

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    Field of Screams

    Just outside of Missoula in a swift drive through the Bitterroot, a well-known corn maze righteously earned their Halloween name “Field of Screams”. Once only an idea for a small yearly scare, this event has grown to ‘frightening’ proportions in 12 years. It is twice the size, as well as doubles the scare factor. Don’t forget the cell phone.