Gosh, I kind of hate to spoil it for everybody, but me and the bear were talking and figured it out. So here's how the Griz/Cat football game goes.

The first indicator is the weather. The Cats have only won twice in Washington Grizzly Stadium and both times it was below 0 with snow and wind chills of minus eleventy jillion. So since they don't get that this year, that should tell you what's coming. Montana is energized by the return of a number of players, including the Albino Rhino Dan Moore. With no playoffs this year, the Griz play poised and relaxed with bragging rights, spoiler and winning season at the top of their agenda. MSU is tight and feeling the pressure and don't get rolling until later in the game, while the Griz have played confidently and consistenly with no turnovers and have built a 28-17 lead in the 4th quarter. The Bobcats score a TD late and are successful in their 2-point conversion attempt. But there is no mojo-miracle, crazy, odds-defying play for the lonely blue boys. Final score: Griz 28 Cats 25. A nice way to end the season. It's amazing what you can formulate when you talk to that bear.  DB