Check out this bike that Doc Hopkins Harley-Davison in Wisconsin built. It’s a 10-seat, seven-engine Timeline motorcycle that was built in seven months in 2009. It is 25 feet long, seats 10 people and weighs approximately 3,000 pounds — 5,000 with a full crew on board.

"The whole theme of the motorcycle is that it shows the rolling history of all Harley-Davidson engines," he said.

Harley-Davidson began manufacturing motorcycles in 1903, but had only single-cylinder motorcycles until 1909 when it released its first V Twin.

The Timeline motorcycle has all seven engine models the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company has ever used, from the F-Head IOE engine in use from 1909-1929 to the current Twin Cam (Flathead).

This bike has made the trip from Wisconsin to Sturgis for the rally.