Ronnie Dunn’s solo summer tour , now opening with Western Underground, Chris Ledoux's former band, rolls intoLolo, Montana at the Lumberjack Bar next week. The tour’s already received rave reviews, check out the following:

A fan from Texas who attended the Oklahoma show, said of Dunn, “Simply amazing! Stripped down, hard rockin’ music filtered in with some amazing slow ballads. Classic Ronnie Dunn on steroids! If you have ever heard Ronnie sing, you haven't heard him sing until this tour. WOW! “

“From the opening notes of the tour's title song to the final chord, Ronnie Dunn came, saw, and serenaded the packed house at Belterra Casino in Florence, Indiana. The new tunes are great and after "Bleed Red" Ronnie sang "Cost of Living" and it brought a lump to the throat. As he told us, "If I only played the new ones it may be a short show," he gave us a chance to remember his younger days of singing/songwriting with Brooks. I was only saddened that I didn't get in the meet and greet contest.”

Bleed red for the boot-scooting boogie of Ronnie Dunn’s

solo act along with Dunn's opening act, Western Underground. Originally formed by country singer and songwriter, Chris Ledoux, Western Underground continued even after Ledoux's passing by  popular demand from countless letters, emails, and phone calls from fans all across the country.

Ronnie Dunn Live: Friday, 7pm at The Lumberjack Saloon, 7000 Graves Creek RD Lolo, MT 59847. $35 ($45 day of show); buy your tickets through or at the gate.