The stage is set, the beer is cold. Time to break out of work early and get to the Lumberjack Concert Venue. Rolling up in the new KYSS Country Jeep, it was a steady stream of country music fans and campers in Highway 12 this afternoon. Once we rounded the corner into the Lumberjack you could see the magnitude of this show. The camping area is huge with tons of more room for you and your camper.

The stage came to life late last night. Sounds checks have been happening throughout the afternoon. Ronnie himself is set to arrive and do his sound check around 5pm.

For as ugly as the weather started out this morning it has burned off and is gorgeous up here. If youare headed this way plan for shorts in the afternoon and a sweatshirt as the sun goes down. There are still tickets available that can be purchased at the gate starting at 4pm. So load the truck or car and get up here!

Tate Chamberlin










Ronnie Dunn Live
: Friday, 7pm at The Lumberjack Saloon, 7000 Graves Creek RD Lolo, MT 59847. $35 ($45 day of show); buy your tickets through or at the gate.