Shane and his wife Kelly are headed for Reno where he and the band and will headline the Wild Sheep Foundation Convention and Sporting Expo. It is a conservation and sportsman's expo much like Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation except this group focuses on conservation for big horned sheep and other wild sheep throughout the entire world.

Shane has been doing the music for a reality based tv show called Stompin' Ground for Comcast Sportnet. The show is about the Willis family in Redmond, OR who make their entire living around rodeo. They are an amazing family. Good, hard working people with good principles. The Stompin Ground show follows them through their daily lives in and around the intensity of the rodeo world. The Stomping Ground band will be Portland in on Wed Feb 22 to perform at the Rose Garden to help kick off the series.

They’ll still be back around Missoula to play the Lumberjack, Union Club, Sunrise and the Hospice ball this spring.  2012 is looking good! Shane is working on some new music and hope to record another cd for release this summer.