You've been in this situation. You're walking through a parking lot to get to your car or go in a store, or whatever.

Suddenly a car comes zipping past and dives into an open parking space, maybe getting a bit to close to you. Do you get in the driver's face? Give them a one-finger salute? Heck no!  You dent their car with your baloney!

That's what Associated Press tells us happened in Germany. A man was walking through a parking lot with his little boy and the adult pedestrian decided the BMW driver cut it way too fast and way too close as he pulled into a parking spot. So, the angered pedestrian reaches into his bag of groceries, pulls out a foot-long baloney and throws it hard enough to leave a dent in the car.

Naturally the pedestrian is charged with property damage, but here's hoping a very light sentence is meat-ed out.  DB