Avery Joyner is an 8th grader in Hamilton.  Avery wants to go to Washington D.C. with her class next year.  Avery needs 2-thousand dollars in order to go.  Avery's dad Tim, being a good Montana dad, said "You'll have to earn it."  And that's just what she's doing.  And here's how!

Avery is making and selling Redneck Christmas Lights.  Light strings utilizing the spent shotgun shell casings from the Hamilton Trap Club.  Avery and her dad were on the Craig & Al Morning Show Wednesday to talk about her project.

I bought three sets.

Then she and her dad set out to sell some while they were in town.  The nineteen members of the Craig & Al Radio Family bought every single string by ten a.m.

But...she's got more to sell and here's where you can get them.

Oh, and by the way.  They need more shotgun shell casings if you know where they can find some.