The University of Montana received unprecedented private support in fiscal year 2014. Donations totaled $53.7 million. That's a $16.3 million increase over the previous record, set in 2008. A total of 13,598 individuals, businesses and foundations made gifts in fiscal year 2014, a jump from 12,775 donors in fiscal year 2013. One year ago, the University of Montana Foundation and UM set out to raise an extra $45 million for students over a three- year period. After one year, "Investing in Student Success" has received $22 million in support. Without weighing this down with too many more numbers, suffice it to say that it means millions more for scholarships. There may have been some speed bumps the last few years, but as an alum, I sure like where my school is going right now. Congratulations, University of Montana for your outstanding efforts. It shows lots of people believe in and love you, myself included. DB