The weather is dumping snow across Western Montana, several feet are expected in the mountains and here in the valley we're also seeing lots of snowfall.The National Weather Service office in Missoula says 8.6" of snow fell at Missoula International Airport on Wednesday alone, breaking the record set back in 1970 of 6.4".

According to the National Weather Service here are a few figures on snowfall this week:

  • Lolo: 13.0" (reported late Wednesday)
  • Stevensville: 12.0" (reported Wednesday evening)
  • Corvallis: 6.0" (reported Wednesday afternoon)
  • Hamilton: 11.0" (reported Wednesday afternoon)
  • Alberton: 11.0" (reported late Wednesday)
  • St. Regis 12.0" (reported late Wednesday)

If you're wondering which streets in Missoula are most likely to be cleared by the city's snow removal crew, check out this map.