Chili the lab may not actually be thankful for Patches the cat, but at least they co-exist  nicely and we love them both.

And not that you cat lovers out there need to justify your admiration for the family felines, but we thought you might like to know the top reasons cat owners are thankful for them.

And our thanks to the Meow Mix Cat Gratitude Survey for providing us the 10 most popular reasons people are grateful for their cats:

1. Cats make us feel loved and valued. Owners are grateful their cats miss them.

2. Our cats are a reflection of ourselves. Many owners say they have become more like their kitties over time and vice versa.

3. Cats are fun to hang out with. Owners love spending free time with them.

4. Cats are the best companions to lounge and watch TV with.

5. Cats are the ideal nap partners.

6. Cats are the best meal companions. Nearly half the owners surveyed say they like to share mealtime and snacktime with their cats.

7. Cats give us something to talk about on social media.

8. Our cats "get" us better than most humans do. Over one-third surveyed think so.

9. Cats are the best keepers of secrets. Nearly one-third of owners surveyed say they've told their cats secrets that they've never told to anyone.

10. Our cats are always there and get us out of tight spots. Over one-fifth of owners surveyed said they have used their cats as excuses for getting out of things they don't want to do.

So there you have it, cat fanciers. Include your kitty-cat in your reasons to be thankful and have a very happy Thanksgiving season. And Chili, thank you for never taking a bite of Patches, even when he's at his bossiest!   DB