Guido the Italian Sausage is safe and sound. Guido is one of five sausages in the Klements Sausage Company racing stables. The Italian Sausage was stolen Feb. 16 during a fundraiser.  The thieves then did a little barhopping in the $3000 costume at several Cedarburg WI bars, having their picture taken with fans. Culinary rewards were offered for information leading to the return of the costume; Mustard Girl All American Mustards offered a year's supply of mustard to anyone who would return the Italian sausage costume. Appleton-based GLK Foods, the largest manufacturer of sauerkraut in the world, matched Mustard Girl with a year's supply of sauerkraut.

This past Wednesday night two guys ran  into TJ Ryan's bar in Cedarburg., dropped off the costume and said to the bartender,”you didn’t see anything,” before running back out the door.  Bartender Jen Mohney said "Like I didn't just see two guys plop a sausage on a bar stool.” Guido’s appears to be a “marked” sausage. In July 2003, the Pittsburgh Pirates' Randall Simon whacked the Italian sausage with a baseball bat as it ran by the Pirates' dugout during the daily sausage race. The sausage fell and tripped the Racing Hot Dog. Simons was cited and fined $432 and he was suspended for three games.