You have to love the Cantina Kitchen and Bar for having the heart (and common sense) to hire Joe Bartley.

Joe is an 89-year-old army veteran and widower who lives in the southwestern England town of Paignton. He went old school and placed an ad in a local paper's classifieds, letting businesses know he was looking for work. Even though his apartment building has a community area, Joe says no one goes there, and when he gets home he has nobody to talk to.

So to help Joe overcome his boredom and loneliness, the Cantina announced on Facebook that Joe got a job! There was so much publicity that on his first day Sunday, there was a crowd cheering for him as he got to work. Joe says he was overwhelmed by all the attention, and just wants to work hard and do a good job.

His job description was not included, but if the restaurant gets a huge spike in business for their goodwill gesture, they deserve it!