Mike O'Brien here, as a lifelong Rip City fan, since the team first came in the league in 1970, and still nostalgic over the days of our 1st and only NBA Championship. We came very close to winning a championship twice, 1990 against Detroit, and 1992 against Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls. After a while we went on a dry spell, going through several player and coach changes. In 1999, it looked like we were getting back on track, hiring Dunleavy, a seasoned coach, trading for Stoudimire, Rasheed Wallace, the arrival of Arvydas Sabonis, new and promising player, Bonzi Wells, seasoned veteran Steve Smith, and one of the NBA's strongest bench. Unfortunately, we met up with San Antonio, then the following year, our arch nemesis, LA Lakers. I will never forget, the painful fourth quarter of game 7 in LA, up by 15 points, 5 minutes left, but it did not end in our favor, losing the Western Confernce series. You could see once again, it was going to be another few years, before we would make it back. 2007-08 showed promise, the next three years, we made it back into the playoffs. Then the news of Brandon Roy's physical issues started to creep into play and heads of the team, once again, Portland lost direction, a player and coach. Finally, last year, Portland made smart player decisions, and a new coach. This year, has been a roller coaster ride, with a lot of thrills and chills, sometimes it felt like more chills, especially the last couple of weeks. However, we are now in the playoffs, and have taken the first game against the Houston Rockets, in Houston, which gives us in theory home court advantage. Tonight, the Blazers try to get another one away in Houston. If certainly feels like Rip City again, I for one and certainly happy for that feeling again. The only thing missing is my friend Bill Schonely saying, RRRRRRRRRRrrrrrip City!

Good Luck to my Portland Trailblazers! Game time is at 7:30 on TNT and KGW.