Somebody start us off with, "How dumb and defiant can you get!" Thanks, here's one good answer. Associated Press tells us that police in Corbin, Kentucky, got a surprise pizza delivery from a guy they arrested for shoplifting. The guy, an obviously very immature 29-year-old) made a call on his cell phone while being booked. A short time later five pizzas showed up at the police station. The driver said they were being delivered to Officer Wilson, who was the arresting officer on the shoplifting incident. Gee, you think the police wouldn't be able to link the call by tracking the dude's cell number? Of course, Mr. Wiseguy claims it's a big misunderstanding, that about 10 different people used his phone. Sure. Oh, and to add some tasty extra toppings to the arrest, he's now also charged with identify theft, theft by deception and impersonating a police officer. And that my friends is just how dumb and defiant someone can get. DB