There has been long talk of California falling in the Ocean. Last Sunday Eureka,California experienced an earthquake of 6.9 magnitude. A potent threat of a major earthquake of 9.0 magnitude is looming...and scientists expect it to be catastrophic. 

For many many years now people have been joking ( especially us Montanans) that California will fall into the ocean because it sits on two major fault lines. The one in question with scientists, is the Cascadia subduction zone, which stretches from northern Vancouver Island to northern California.

The intersection has produced the two largest earthquakes in California in the last decade. Sunday's 6.8 earthquake in Eureka and a 7.2 quake off Crescent City in 2005. The threat is looming closer, close enough that northern California and Oregon officials are beginning to address the situation.

The thought of even the best technology in the world only giving the coastal residents 15 minutes notice to flee to higher ground due to an earthquake caused tsunami is scary. At least in Montana with the threat of Yellowstone/Old Faithful erupting, we would have weeks, months or even a year to prepare.