With the coming of spring, Morel mushroom pickers take to the hills to gather up their favorite delicacy. Permits are now available for mushroom pickers from the Bitterroot National Forest.

Spokesman Tod McKay said this week that personal use only permits are now available.

"We're not doing commercial permits this year, We did quite a few commercial permits last year, but this year a lot of the fires we experienced over the summer were actually in Idaho. Because of that, we just don't have that many fire areas that are easy to access. There was some fire activity in wilderness areas, but mushroom picking is not allowed on those lands," McKay said.

"There is a limit of about 5 gallons of Morels a day, which comes out to about two good-sized grocery bags full, and then a 20 gallon limit per season, and all must be hand-picked only," McKay added.

Get more details by checking the 2013 Mushroom Guide available at all Bitterroot National Forest offices, or visit their website for more information.

Bitterroot National Forest Spokesman Tod McKay