Missoula Winery will be hosting a wine and chocolate tasting on Wednesday, November 28, in collaboration with Dove Chocolate Discoveries. Your taste buds will experience a unique flavor fusion of French style wines and delicious chocolate varieties. The tasting will begin at6 p.m.at the Missoula Winery andEventCenter. It’s an all-age event, so no need to find a babysitter!


There will be a $10 charge per person at the door (charge will be waived for winery members). The Missoula Winery and EventCenteris located at 5646 West Harrier Driveand for more information, you can call 406-830-3296 or visit www.missoulawinery.com



All common styles of wine – red, rose, white and sparkling – are produced inFrance. One of the main characteristics of all French wines is that they are all developed to be paired with and compliment different food dishes. The French tradition is to serve food with wine, therefore, wines from this region are rarely developed or styled to be “bar wines,” or drank by themselves.


Many wine enthusiasts say wine cannot, and should not, be paired with chocolate, but if you can find the perfect combination, the flavors can be a match made in Heaven. If you want to create and discover the right wine and chocolate combinations, do not miss this event!