A nesting pair of osprey has returned to the Dunrovin Ranch just outside of Lolo. In the past they had nested in a NW Energy power line pole but the company not long ago moved the nest to a safer spot on an unpowered pole in one of the Dunrovins corrals.  The birds were named Ozzie & Harriet by the ranches owners SuzAnne and Sterling Miller. The University of Montana, Department of Geosciences, Division of Biological Sciences has erected a camera near the nest and will keep an eye on the birds as the nesting season progresses. You can too. Be patient, I think this site is going to get very busy. http://www.umt.edu/geosciences/faculty/langner/ebl/Osprey/feed/LiveCam.html. The other way is to go to the Dunrovin site (www.dunrovinranchmontana.com/# ) and click the Ozzie & Harriet button.