It is only logical as humanity progresses so will the Dictionary. Oxford English Dictionary adds a list of new words every year,here are some they added this year.

Bestie has been added. Meaning your best-friend but instead of using best-friend, bestie has now replaced that...

Crap shoot..self explanatory

Wackadoodle... meaning crazy, unstable, just plain wacky

Do-over has been added, although redo is already in the dictionary so why need do-over? Same thing

Scissor-kick was also added. With the growing popularity of MMA fighting, I can see why this word was added. A move used in Martial Arts is known as a scissor kick.

Bookaholic is another one. Which surprises me that in a world so internet and digitally driven that we are now adding bookaholic to the dictionary..

Check out the full list of new words added to the Oxford Dictionary here