A lot of my friends are “car nuts.” I also fall into that category. We either collect, restore, rebuild, or in some way tinker with a project. We can also fall into the category of people who just like cars. The ones we drive every day, but every one of those cars is “something special” to the owner. I also have some friends who can take all these characteristics to the extreme. That’s the kind of person I’m talking about when I tell you about someone who bid $103,000 for a wrecked 1995 Ferrari f50. Only 349 of these cars were ever built. They were outfitted with a V-12 engine, went from 0-60 in just a little over 3 seconds and had a top speed of 202 MPH. Not your typical Montana daily driver to get the groceries.  A pristine f50 just sold for $1.7 million back in August. The one with the outrageous bid hit a tree head on with extensive damage. The driver was uninjured except for some bruises and a dented ego.  This will be a real project; a new engine is well over $100,000. Maybe they’ll part it out.