If you haven't made the trip out to Three Forks to join in Headwaters Country Jam yet, you are truly missing out. We've already seen some incredible sights and more are guaranteed to come. Here are a few of our favorites so far.


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    Beer-Label Cowboy Hats

    It seems everywhere you look, guys are wearing cowboy hats in honor of their favorite beer. Following this trend could pay off big time, because the LoCash Cowboys invited a fan wearing a hat made out of Copenhagen labels up on stage with them for a song.

    Photo courtesy of Greg Baird/TSM
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    There was some rain earlier in the day, but it cleared up in time for the shows to start--and led to this spectacular view at sunset.

    Photo courtesy of Joel McClanahan
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    Awesome Campsites

    Montanans definitely know how to have fun. Walking around the camp area you can find people throwing horseshoes, playing beer pong, dancing, and more. One of our favorites has to be these entrepreneurial campers.

    Photo courtesy of Greg Baird/TSM
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    We're not exactly sure what this was, but it definitely made us laugh.

    Photo courtesy of Joel McClanahan