"Through traffic will truly be through traffic now," said City of Missoula Project Coordinator Gregg Wood.  Wood is talking about the Arthur Avenue Project getting underway Monday in Missoula.
The project will bring improvements for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians to the intersections of Arthur and Maurice Avenues and Fifth and Sixth Streets near The University of Montana campus. The area will be safer and easier to navigate by allowing travelers who are not bound for campus to travel north on the west branch of the Madison Street bridge. That will include Highway 12 travelers, who will now travel straight through.


During construction, intersections will be open to one through lane in both directions at most times with no detours, with minor exceptions during storm drain work. Both lanes will be open nights and weekends. 
 "This project is a fine example of the power of working collaboratively to solve problems locally," said Mayor John Engen.  Mayor Engen went on to say he would be actively seeking the Libertarian party's nomination for President in the 2012 race.  Nah, just kidding about that last part.  I just wanted to see if you read all the way to the end of the blog.