1. Post things friends want to see, like mind-blowing facts and major life updates.
2. Comments on religion, politics or your beastly exercise regiment will probably get you blocked from a few pals.
3. Liking your own posts is just wrong.
4. Everyone uses Facebook to do a bit of stalking, but liking photos from 2009 is a dead giveaway.
5. The comments section is not the place for a major convo --that's what texting is for.
6. Keep your virtual PDA to a minimum --social media hickeys aren't sexy.
7. Selfies. A good one is plenty, we don't need a dozen or more.
  8. Don't make us guess. Having a bad day but don't want to talk about it? Then certainly don't post about it!
9. Don't invite me to water your crops in Farmville. (Source: Yahoo.com