BUT don't heat up your frying pan just yet. It's going to take some work to get these fellas to "keeper" size. : A few days ago, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks did expand their efforts to make

Lake Como between Hamilton and Darby  a healthy fishery for Como and its tributaries. They planted 4,000 5-inch rainbows, 4,000 5-inch cutthroats and 50,000 2-inch Kokanee salmon. I have wondered for years why Como was not not really on FWP's to-do list, but I also understand the potential for problems with increased pressure on that already very busy body of water, with all the boat-personal watercraft-swimming folks. Now we add another tier of users in there, and....here's hoping everyone respects each other and gets along!!!!! I fish there a little bit and definitely am looking forward to doing much more in the years to come. Thanks, FWP. Hope it all works.