So first, who would be so tacky as to steal one of the figures out of a front-lawn Nativity?

No need to answer. There's more than enough Grinches to go around this time of year. But we do want to celebrate the attitude and Christmas spirit of the homeowner.

That would be Shirl Kuhl of Manchester, New Hampshire, who along with her husband has been putting out a lovely Nativity scene in their neighborhood for years. They've never worried about securing the figures. Rather, they see it as a gift for the neighborhood to enjoy. And besides, who would take anything from it?

Well, this year, Mary has been stolen. Joseph and the accessory characters stayed put. And the Baby Jesus? Well, Shirl doesn't put him out in the cradle until midnight Christmas, anyway.

Shirl doesn't want to see the thief punished. She just wants Mary back and posted a handmade sign out on the lawn: Please help! Mary Missing! Joseph doesn't want to be a single dad! :-)  That's the spirit, Shirl. Here's wishing Mary a speedy return.