Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!...And your input too. Hey, with the long, plentiful commercial breaks, extended halftime and everything else, the big game is typically at least a V-hour time investment, so you want it to be memorable, right? Here's my best (and worst) V Super Bowls. I'd love to know yours!


5. SB XIII, 1979, Pittsburgh 35-Dallas 31 - Lynn Swann teaches a ballet class with amazing acrobatic catches, Dallas looks buried 35-17 and comes back to make it exciting.

4. SB XXXIV, 2000, St. Louis 23-Tennessee 16 - The "within a whisker of overtime" game when Kevin Dyson can't quite get the ball over the goal line as time expires.

3. SB XXIII, 1989, San Francisco 20-Cincinnati 16 - Jerry Rice has 11 catches for 215 yards and is named MVP. The 49-ers go 93 yards in the last 3 minutes to win.

2. SB XLIV, 2009, Pittsburgh 27-Arizona 23 - So many yards (over 400), so few points. The Cardinals give up a 100 yard pick-6 interception return. The Steelers got a winning TD with 35 seconds left.

1. SB XXXVIII, 2004, New England 32-Carolina 29 - What a heavyweight fight this was! Back and forth, big punches between down times, nip and tuck. We could have taken the first and third off since all the scoring was in the second and fourth quarters, including the game-winning field goal with 4 seconds left.


5. SB VII, 1973, Miami 14-Washington 7 - My butt is still slightly numb. Lowest point total in Super Bowl history. Washington's only points was on a fumble return courtesy of Dolphin kicker. What a snoozer!

1. (It's a four-way tie for first) SBs IV, VIII, IX and XI - KC 23-Minn 7; Miami 24-Minn 7;    Pitt 16-Minn 6 and Oak 32-Minn 14... Can you tell I'm a Vikings fan?