This actually surprises some people what one of my favorite things about winter is. I am a pretty active person and love to do things. Winter can come in harsh and even though they make great gear to be out in the cold, it's not always for everyone.

My favorite thing about winter is actually getting some time to hunker down and just cozy up at home. Maybe not the best for me cause I eat and drink more hot coco. It's a time we can slow down a bit because we really have to. Dealing with below freezing temps doesn't exactly make us all want to be outside all day. I do like to ski, play hockey and even fly fish in winter but I also like to just cozy up as well.

Friends and family come together and hang out and cozy up together. Playing games or watching movies/TV. It really is a time people come together especially since it is the holidays.

I still can't wait to get out and enjoy some of the actual snow though.