The Selway Road along the Magruder Corridor just over the Montana border in Idaho is currently blocked due to a debris flow from a thunderstorm that blew through the area on Thursday, August 29.

Photo courtesy of Bitterroot National Forest

Bitterroot National Forest spokesman Tod McKay said on Friday, August 30, that the storm brought so much rain that the road, currently closed because of its proximity to the Gold Pan Complex fires, has now been blocked by a mudslide.

"The slide is about 60 feet long, and it is covering the Selway Road with all sorts of trees, rocks and mud," McKay said. "Some of that debris washed across the road and into the Selway River. That road is now blocked near the Indian Creek Campground, which is about five miles from Paradise, a very popular spot for boaters and campers."

Even though the road is already closed due to the Gold Pan Complex, McKay said efforts to open the road by the start of hunting season will be underway soon.

"Just a note to hunters, the season is opening there in Idaho in a few weeks, and the goal is that we can get that slide cleared prior to September 15," McKay said. "Between now and that date, that road is going to be off-limits because of the erosion, and now because of this mudslide."

Bitterroot National Forest Spokesman Tod McKay: