Movies opening this coming weekend (May 30):
ANGELINA JOLIE's "Maleficient" looks to be the clear winner this weekend at the box office. Industry observers expect it to clear around $60 million, since it's opening in nearly four-thousand theatres with lots of 3D screenings.
Second place should go to "X-Men: Days of Future Past," with SETH MacFARLANE'sA Million Ways to Die in the West” in third place.
Reviews for both Angelina's and Seth's new movies are hit-and-miss, so we'll have see what actually makes the cut. Angelina needs her film to be a hit --it cost a reported $180 million to make. Seth also needs his movie to be a hit --it's his first starring role.

--"Maleficient," (Adventure; wide release, IMAX 3D; rated PG), with ANGELINA JOLIE as her evilness; SHARLTO COPLEY, ELLE FANNING, SAM RILEY, IMELDA STAUNTON, JUNO TEMPLE.
--"A Million Ways to Die in The West," (Comedy, wide release, rated R), starring SETH MacFARLANE as a cowardly sheep farmer who backs out of a gunfight and his girlfriend leaves him. Then, a beautiful woman comes into town and falls in love with him... until her husband arrives. With CHARLIZE THERON, AMANDA SEYFRIED, GIOVANNI RIBISI, NEIL PATRICK HARRIS, SARAH SILVERMAN, LIAM NEESON.
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