We really have had some great movies and T.V shows filmed here in Montana. This one may not make it to the big screen but it will be premiering in LA on June16th...with some big stars! 

Starring Billy Bob Thornton, Bruce Dern, John Malkovich, Oliver Platt and Liam Hemsworth. "Cut Bank" premiers June 16 at Los Angeles Film Festival, about a boy from Cut Bank, Montana. Very Interesting!

Here is what they say about the movie.

"A son of tiny Cut Bank, Montana, "the coldest spot in the nation," handsome young Dwayne McLaren yearns to escape small town life with his sweet, vivacious girlfriend. When he tries to leverage a bad situation into a seemingly straightforward get-rich-quick scheme, Dwayne finds that fate--and a bumbling, unruly accomplice--are working against him. Everything quickly goes from bad to worse to deadly in this one-of-kind all-American thriller."

I wish I would have known Liam Hemsworth was close to us!