I saw this story earlier this week and it sort of upset me.State officials have given a western Montana couple, living at Woods Bay on Flathead Lake, the OK to kill a mountain lion that has taken up residence near their home and appears comfortable around humans. The homeowner  says that the lion appeared shortly after she put steak bones on the patio for her house cats and the bones disappeared.”

Wild animals live very close to us here in Western Montana. They can be something as harmless as a rabbit or as threatening as a grizzly bear.  When we live this close we need to take steps to protect ourselves and the animals. When we live where we do keep in mind don’t leave pet food outside, don’t leave scraps for “the animals”, and don’t look on wildlife as local “pets”.  When we treat them otherwise they change and normally it’s not for their good or ours. I’m not criticizing anyone but it appears we’re going to lose a wild animal due to an oversight by someone.

You can find some very good information on living with wildlife online.