How would you order beer with an ABV of 67.5%? How about; I’ll take a Snake Venom and a helmet please. I’ll take a Snake Venom and a seatbelt for my barstool. What do recommend barkeep 1 Snake Venom or 140 Grain Belts?

Scottish MORAY brewery Brewmeisters have set the record for the world’s strongest beer for a second time, with their 67.5% brew called ‘Snake Venom’. The brewery, run by Lewis Shand and John Mackenzie, used smoked peat malt and two varieties of yeast to brew their super-strength beer. The new beer is 2.5% stronger than their previous world record holder, ‘Armageddon’, and over ten-times stronger than a standard supermarket lager. The title of the world’s strongest beer has been fiercely contested in recent years, as advances in brewing technology allow for stronger brews to be created. Fellow Scots Brewdog held the record when they released the 41% ‘Sink the Bismarck’ in 2010.

I doubt you’ll find beer this strong at the GSA 8th annual Wine and Beer Festival tonight but maybe some year. Don’t miss the festival it’s lots of fun.