Montana's gas prices this week are nearly identical to what they were a week ago.

Although Montana's prices have been locked at $3.76 per gallon, the national price has dropped 4 cents to $3.81.

Because Montana follows the national trends by about one to two weeks the drop in the national price could mean that lower prices are on the way to Big Sky Country.

"The national average has begun to drop nicely over the last week, and while it certainly doesn't feel like much, it is noteworthy," said Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan. "Oil prices were all over the map last week, closing in on $100/bbl one day and dropping to $92/bbl later in the week. I've probably had more double takes watching oil prices in the last week than I've had all summer. Watching oil prices last week was as wild as watching the Detroit Tigers try to take a division lead over the White Sox."

Montana's prices are currently 7 cents higher than they were last year, and 17 cents higher than the same day a month ago.