Five small things that are killing your budget from
1. Account maintenance fees.
Are you still being charged for checking, credit cards or prepaid debit cards? This is money wasted --find resources without ugly fees for a truly painless way to save cash.
2. Unnecessary TV and phone expenses. Look for services or equipment you're not using, make sure you need the level of service you're paying for and check out alternatives like prepaid cell phones that can save you lots of cash without a contract.
3. Subscriptions. 30-bucks a year for a magazine isn't a bad deal, if you read it! Add up how much you're doling out every month for the extras, then cancel the ones you simply don't use.
4. Convenience fees. Whether you're paying two-bucks every month for a bank statement or 15 to make a payment by phone, these all add up over time.
5. Credit card interest. These scheming little devils can quickly lead you to financial ruin. A small purchase here and there seems harmless, until the brutal reality hits --you've tripled your debt by paying it off over ten, long years. Do some research to build your credit rating and you'll be qualified for lower interest rates that will save you lots of cash in the long run. (Lee)