Our good buddy Shane Clouse has been working hard to make his way in the music business. Here’s a little excerpt of a note I got from him about what the last part of the month of February was like for him.

“Last week was pretty amazing for my music career and that of the boys in Stomping Ground. The premier of Comcast SportsNet Northwest's "Stompin Ground" aired on Tuesday, Feb. 21 after the sold out Portland Trailblazers game against San Antonio Spurs. I sang the National Anthem and we performed to over 22,000 in attendance.  I'd like to think we brought a little good luck as the Blazers defeated the Spurs something like 137 to 97!!! We also performed at Dukes bar, Portland's Premier Country music bar, on Feb. 20 to over 400, and we performed at Alpha Broadcasting's Bing Loung on Feb. 22 to a world-wide streaming audience. It was a great week to say the least. Once again thanks to you and Craig and all at KYSS FM for your continued support. I'm still playing music and making progress!! Whew.”


Shane has also been working with a video production company putting together music for their series about a rodeo family. It just so happens the title of the series is “Stompin’ Ground.” The production company bills it this way; "it’s a dust-inhaling, dirt-eating, boot-stomping, heart-stopping, good-time rodeo program. It’s a real-life look at the Willis’, an Oregon rodeo family who uphold the ethics & attitudes of the western lifestyle. Take a gander into their unique and chaotic life at the ranch and on the road. To the Willis’, rodeo is life. It’s always go-time. Their lifestyle is full of passion, excitement, disappointment, sacrifice, the unexpected and the unbelievable.”

If you go to their web page you can get all the details on the shows.

So let’s take a look at what they did with Shane and his song that will be used for the opening of every show. Just click here to check it out.