Loss is all around us and Missoula has some great resources to allow you to heal with others and get help with that. Grief Gardening is one

Aylett Wright from Partners in Hospice joined the show this morning talking about a great, FREE, workshop they offer for those who are grieving.

Let's be honest we all have lost someone or something we love right? This is a chance to heal together and be around those you know may be hurting too. Whether the loss was recent or not, take part in great resources like this.

I was able to help Aylett gather all the flowers, plants and planters today to get ready for Wednesday. We went to Caras Nursery, Fancy Plants, Marchies nursery and Delany's in Polson also donated to this great cause. Join us if you can for this great workshop and take home some memories. The flowers donated are just beautiful!

For more information please visit their website here.

Grief Gardening 6-8 PM July 9th Clark Fork Riverside - outside patio, 301 West Front Street in Missoula