At 5:54 p.m. Tuesday, May 14, a vehicle crashed into the side of Danny Blowers Insurance Agency in Missoula. Police and medical care were on the scene shortly afterward.

"Witnesses advise that the vehicle struck the building three times before stopping, mostly parked inside the building," said Missoula Police Sgt. Rick Stevenson. "The driver, a 53-year-old Missoula man, was transported to St. Pats hospital for treatment of serious injuries. The male was unavailable for questioning due to the seriousness of his injuries and the need for immediate medical attention. There were no occupants inside the building at the time of the crash, no other persons were injured. Currently no charges have been filed pending additional investigation."

UPDATE - Business owner Danny Blowers said Wednesday, May 15, that the unidentified man had no connection to his insurance business. Blowers speculates that the man was trying to harm himself by smashing his vehicle into the wall of the business. Blowers inferred that his business would not be closed even the day after the incident.

"It'll be a mess, but we'll make it happen," Blowers said.

If the collision was indeed intentional, the damage is likely extensive enough to justify a felony charge. Though authorities are not ready to issue an official statement, reckless driving and felony criminal endangerment are likely under consideration.

Sgt. Rick Stevenson

Photo courtesy of Jordan Daweson