What makes a hero? Is it someone with an unwavering sense of duty? One who thoughtlessly serves the people, with little thought for their self? One who tirelessly works for the benefit of the common man or woman?

Yes, we say. And no one fits that description like City of Missoula Street Maintenance Superintendent Brian Hensel (a friend of the show and overall excellent human being - the man responsible for clearing snow from the streets of Missoula). What makes Brian a real American hero? Read on - the proof is in the pudding (or the BKT 6.00-16 Lug Tractor Tires, or what have you).

  • He defends the innocent - even from Craig.

    This morning, Craig had a (very small) bone to pick with the bicyclists of Missoula. Cyclists generally have the right away, Craig says, with their healthy and environmental ways - but sometimes in disaster situations, such as this week's snow storm, you gotta be smart and just walk to work. Or take the bus.

    What say you, Mr. Hensel?

    "I am gonna stick up for a few folks," speaking to the cyclists. "Wear something drivers can see. If I see you and you don't have a vest, I'll give you a vest."

    Touche, Brian. You are too good.

  • He protects our future.

    Nothing motivates Brian more than getting our city back up and running - and getting our children back to school. "If there was school tomorrow, we'd get you there," Brian told the children of Missoula on this morning's show. You hear that, youth of Missoula? If Brian could, he'd get you to school every day of the week - even Saturday. That's dedication!

  • He's truly mild mannered.

    And humble. Brian told us this morning he got stuck at the top of his own driveway today. Yes, even Brian occasionally gets stuck in the snow.

  • His inexhaustible dedication to the people of Missoula.

    Brian and the snowplow drivers of Missoula have been working tirelessly since the snow first started to fall. "We're going to get it done as fast as we can, but it's going to take us some time," he told Craig and Al this morning. We can be patient, knowing a real American hero is at the helm!