Our own KC surprised his 4-year-old son with a puppy for Christmas, and it was absolutely perfect!

Bradley, or as we call him around the office, "B-Rad", had a few sad days recently regarding dogs. First, he and KC got a pup, but the folks they got it from decided they wanted him back. B-Rad seemed to understand that the puppy needed to go back and live with his doggy mom rather than living with him, but he missed his "friend" terribly.

Then, KC's old buddy, an awesome boxer who was a great friend to Brad all of his 4 years, passed away of natural causes in November.

So you can imagine Bradley's joy and surprise when Santa brought him a puppy of his very own to keep. Santa left an authentic, and very good looking letter under Bradley's tree a few days before Christmas. And as you can see in the video, holiday magic was delivered by way of Brad's hunting backpack. Camo is a mini Australian Shepherd and got his name due to his multi colored coat and his eyes, one is brown and one is blue.

Honestly, it's enough to make even the grinchiest scrooge's heart grow ten sizes!